Fine Artist, Writer, Creativity Coach

Artist Statement

For over forty-five years I have actively pursued my passion for painting.  It is with blessing and inspiration from God that I eventually leaned towards painting his creation (5th and 6th  Day) depicting traditional oil maritime images in general and the wildlife/sea life that inhabits these shores, mountains and oceans. 
It was through life and creativity coach training I found  my values of adventure, discovery, research, relationship and curiosity also impressed my soul work.

My sailing roots go deep as my paternal heritage can be traced back to the 1600’s when Thomas and Mary Howes sailed from Europe and settled around Cape Cod.  My husband and I were able to visit an entire museum and grave site dating back (1600’s) to the headstones of Thomas and Mary.  The museum houses period furniture of that time as well as historical narratives about the Howes (my maiden name) sea captains and models of the ships they captained. They were known for whaling. My great great grandfather Allison Howes, Sr., left a legacy at Cape Cod as a Clipper Ship Captain until steam ships replaced clipper ships and then he decided to move out West and take up ranching.

When I first learned of my heritage, I had already completed an ocean scene with three ships in it.  My cousin initially visited there and sent me a photo of the lithograph from the museum she was visiting while in Cape Cod.  There were many resemblances in my painting to the “Belle of the West” unknown to me at the time.  So my art work stems both from heritage and my love for wildlife and sea life which began to manifest itself in my heart and mind as a kid and before my time.

I love using the brush, whether it is on canvass, wood, walls, teak finishing on marine vessels or faux renderings.  My method of painting is inspirational, realism and often in deep bold, emerald, rich tones.  I see a vision or impressed with a quote for a painting, make a quick note/thumb nail sketch of what I see and then gather resources (much from my photography) in order to create the image. Once revisiting the sketch, the image is easily recalled.  Painting for me is also relational where art and the human element meet, such as Coaching and teaching others, facilitating Creative Expression Groups in Behavioral Health settings, and encouraging others to do their soul work.
I believe we were created out of love by God to be in relationship with him, others, receive that love for ourselves and have a respect for and care of all living creatures.  It is this connection that draws me more into an awareness of our created world and sharing the creative journey with others. So when not creating my own artwork, I coach other artists to discover their target market and niche while also working out of their own values and what is authentic to them.  

However we have come to believe how we all got here, we may be able to agree that the magnificent sea life that swims the oceans or wildlife that inhabit the surrounding mountains, valleys and seashores are something to behold.

While not encouraged in creative directions at an earlier age, I found later in life that an appreciation for art has followed me for a very long time.  At an early age I began to admire the paintings of one of my cousins.  What stands out is the detail of the colors, shapes and perspective while I could not remember the reason for the visit to their home.  Another time I was strongly attracted to a pile of white glistening quartz like rocks decorated with pieces of mica.  I decided to jump over them like children do.  After receiving a good size gash to my ankle along with a lecture, the memory of the crystallized rock stayed with me rather than the damage to my ankle.  On another occasion, my mom and I walked to church one spring Sunday and next to the sidewalk were the most beautiful white and purple iris flowers.  My mother passed when I was in my twenties, at that time I began oil painting classes to work through my grief. Thus early on an appreciation for color, shape and composition was forming as well as a relationship connection.  It would be some years later through Creativity Coaching that I found that niche and passion for using the skills and talents given me.

Art renderings are available on canvass, prints, cards and wood carvings where I also work with my husband, adding embellishments to his wood art.

“Creativity is all around us, listen as it speaks to you!”
© Sharon Pierce

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Moving a number of times with my husband over the years afforded me the opportunity to sit under a variety of art instructors from different parts of the country.  These included workshops conducted by such artists as award winning Hulen Flemming and Fred Oldfield.

I have received first place ribbons at county fairs and displayed works at various shows while also providing demos at venues. Works hang in a number of private homes. My passion for art took second place while raising a family and working in psychiatric nursing for over 35 year where my art was pursued in order to lead creative expression groups to clients experiencing depression.  Still today I am amazed at how their moods lifted as they became a part of what they were creating. Here, art was encouraged in a healing environment vs creativity coaching. 

While raising my own children, I also taught art to other children out of my
home studio (then Creative Artistic Expressions) in Maple Valley, Washington.  It was there that I supported the local arts association and noted in a press release in that endeavor. Local church and non-profits have also benefited monetarily from donated paintings.

Additional art pursuits included certification in faux finishing and wood graining.  My husband and I were noted in the Seattle Times for beautifying boating where some of the faux concepts were also made maritime user friendly to use on boat interiors.  Exterior teak wood on yacht and sail boats also received beautiful, shiny new finishes to repaired and compromised varnish surfaces.

I currently sell my art and work out of the The Artifactory on the Wharf (formerly Landing Artists Studio) in Port Angeles, Washington.  My home is fifteen minutes away in Sequim, Washington where I served on the board for the Olympic Peninsula Arts Association and chaired the annual Members Show and presented “Values Based Creativity.” (Learning how values impact the soul and art of business), and provide monthly articles on Creativity in the OPAA newsletter.  In 2018 the importance of values to writers was a creativity session presented at the Olympic Writer’s Association (Value of the Writer). Therefore, I often seek ways to combine the creativity of art and writing through quotes for cards and those works found in Kerry’s Korner. More recently, I am seeking how I might support writers in illustration for their books.


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